Let the Cook House kitchen set you up for the day; our delicious breakfasts are served every day from 8am until 11.30am.

An overhead  photo of a fried breakfast on a plate, including 2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, a poached egg, black pudding, tomato, a hash brown and baked beans. Along the top of the frame there's a slice of toast and butter on a plate, a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice.

Main Menu

Served daily from 12pm, hearty comfort food meets our modern bar. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite after work or a relaxing meal with friends, our Yorkshire dishes are sure to please.

An overhead photo of sliced pavé rump steak, a large mushroom, 5 blistered tomatoes on the vine and chunky chips on a plate. A knife and fork lay on a brown linen napkin to the left of the plate and a small jug of sauce is to the right. A glass of red wine can be seen to the top right.


A selection of sandwiches and soup of the day, served Monday to Saturday from 12pm - 5pm. Vegan and GFA options available.

A ciabatta sandwich of battered haddock goujons and green leaves sits on a plate with a side salad, sliced lemon and a pot of tartar sauce. A small bowl of fries can be seen in the background. In the back right and front left there are short glasses containing a clear liquid, lemon slices and a straw.